Common Mindsets of Top-Performers (ebook pdf)


"Leadership for today's challenges; just stunning!" "It became clear to me; managing starts with me!"

"I was lost; but finding my ways, from now on, with the ACT-Guide became a no-brainer."

You are looking for a helping hand? Why not adapting habits of an elite group of people; Top-Performers use easy & simple behaviors to stay upfront in their game. This book supplies you with all the different perspectives on how to advance your lifegoals, position yourself in teams or your community; no guarantees but options and possibilities.

This book provides "the edge" to perform better in life. PIA, Personal Intervention Advice, also included, gets you on the right track, fast.

About the Author:

Achim Mette, MSc

Born 1963, german, two children, divorced

Achim is a Behavioral & Organizational Psychologist and a Coach for Leadership in Life, specializing in Focus, Orientation, and Implementation. With his extensive experience and his role as a reserve staff officer, he combines civilian and military leadership principles to bring the best of both worlds to junior and executive leadership development. This also includes transferring these principles to the realm of high-performance sports.

He assists companies in selecting and integrating leaders. Teams and management levels utilize his expertise for better implementation of planned goals. The term ‚Leadership‘ is not limited to the professional sphere. It means ‚to lead a life‘.

Where Giving-Up or stagnation are none optional, Achim is the go-to expert. Deep valleys in his own life have made him one of the few practically experienced coaches in the field of developing mental skills for ‚hardcore situations‘! With his special empathy and skills, he enables perspective and change.

He prefers a ‚Coaching with Compassion‘ approach, which is a lot about dreams and what’s important in life. It means engaging with real goals, rather than just functioning. Engaging with one’s passion is one of the few motivators for beneficially fueling one’s own drive.

In addition to working with experienced C-level individuals, working with young people is his key concern; whether in schools, universities, or by Coaching of emerging leaders.

Achim’s keynotes or presentations about his topics of expertise are individual experiences for your guests because he will, after consulting with you, present the content with a fine tuned and toned message or food for thought.

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Common Mindsets of Top-Performers (ebook pdf)

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